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Keystruct Transforms Traditional Break Room into Elegant Lounge

Kelly Tetkoskie October 29, 2020
New Stock and Leader Lounge

Stock and Leader is an established, trusted Central Pennsylvania law firm focused on client outcomes, and delivering legal expertise through a collaborative approach and individual practice dedication across business, public, and personal law. This premier firm has a well-earned reputation for unrivaled service to their clients. Because of their standing in the community, Stock and Leader’s corporate office suite features high-end finishes and a polished appearance. When they wanted to update their employee break room, it was their wish to carry that aesthetic into the renovated space, creating an elegant and relaxing environment for their staff.

Stock and Leader contracted with Keystruct to complete this detailed renovation. The goal for the project was to transform an existing traditional break room into a new room that provides an area where employees can really take a break from their work and de-stress in a soothing atmosphere. Additionally, the updated space should function as a place to entertain clients and staff, and offer a comfortable area for staff to collaborate.

The initial work consisted of completely gutting the space, including demolition of all finishes, as well as disconnection and removal of select electrical components to ready the space for the new layout. A particular challenge during this phase of the project was working on the fifth floor of a fully occupied and operational corporate office building. The building did not have any freight elevators, so demolished debris had to be carefully transported to the ground floor dumpster in an elevator that had high-end finished surfaces. Keystruct used one dedicated elevator, restricted access to the elevator for construction personnel only, and carefully covered all the finishes to prevent damage during debris movement.

Noise and dust were contained within the work space to minimize disruptions to operations in the rest of the building. Material deliveries and movement to the fifth floor were coordinated to reduce impacts to visitors and staff. Initial renovations began with the placement of in-wall wood blocking for new casework, wall shelving, and a new TV, followed by metal framing and drywall. A new ceiling featuring a mix of decorative tin panels and dark cherry wooden slats was installed, and flooring finishes that are a mixture of carpet tiles and luxury vinyl tile were placed. New cabinets with quartz countertops provide ample storage and flat surface areas. A stacked stone backsplash detail enhances the new cabinets. Distinct lighting fixtures were added to enhance the overall atmosphere for the room.

With a planned completion date of late March, the project was entering its final stages, when the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions closed this job site. As soon as construction was permitted to resume in May, our team quickly moved to complete the finishing touches on this high profile space. The final item, a pocket door that separates an existing kitchen area from the new lounge was installed, and final clean up and owner inspections took place.

The new room features booth style tables along one wall, an open area for additional tables, a comfortable separate seating area with plush furnishings, and a high-top, bar-style seating area. Using a variety of finishes in a coordinated palette of ceiling and flooring types gives the room a deeper, textured appearance. Adding different styles of specialized lighting fixtures provides a warm glow and interesting look to the completed room. Stock and Leader staff enter a room that transports them away from ringing phones and interruptions. The high-end finishes complement the remainder of the office space, making it suitable for entertaining clients or holding meetings. Stock and Leader’s new space recreates the environment of an elegant, private lounge, that complements and reinforces the aesthetic of polished professionalism attributed to this premier legal team.