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Keystruct Provides Compassionate, Care-Focused Upgrades to Animal Hospital

Kelly Tetkoskie January 27, 2020
New Addition to the Dover Area Animal Hospital
New Entrance to the Dover Area Animal Hospital

Since 1999, Dover Area Animal Hospital has been providing full veterinary medical services to animals large and small. With a team of doctors and technicians dedicated to the best medical, surgical, and dental care for their patients, they needed additional space with more efficient treatment and support areas. A plan was formed to expand the practice. Keystruct was selected to complete the complex renovation and expansion project so Dover Area Animal Hospital can continue to provide top-notch care to their patients.

The project involved an addition of 4,520 SF and 4,361 SF of renovations, with 5,535 SF of the existing building remaining unchanged. Because of the complexities involved in the work and the need for uninterrupted service to their patients, it was a primary concern that the business maintain the normal operating hours and continued patient care. The project was completed over two separate phases, so the veterinary practice remained open and fully operational throughout the duration of this 14-month project.

By constructing the addition during the first phase, new areas were available for use while the renovation work occurred in the old waiting and exam rooms. The addition is wrapped on three sides by the existing space, so creating barriers between the construction areas and the functioning spaces of the practice was paramount to the success of this project.

Following the completion of the addition, the veterinary staff moved into the new areas and began treating patients from the new check-in and exam rooms while the renovations were completed in the existing space. Again, the use of barriers to keep the construction activity away from the patient areas was important in keeping the operations running smoothly. Working closely with the veterinary hospital staff and the doctors, Keystruct was able to coordinate the project without impacting the operation of the practice.

The renovations relocate the main check-in desk and waiting room to the addition, and reuse the renovated areas for patient check-out, grooming space with a waiting room, and a retail area. The completed addition provides a new check-in and waiting area, with separate dedicated spaces for dogs and cats. Additionally, updated exam rooms that are also specific to dogs and cats create a modern practice facility for treating patients while focusing on their distinct needs. The addition also creates a new entrance for the Boarding Office, with a separate exterior entrance and an interior connection to the main waiting room.

Featuring a large atrium over the check-in desk, rustic finishes in the waiting areas, and updated exam spaces, the project brings a state-of-the-art approach to patient care. With a more efficient flow in the staff spaces, the practice technicians and doctors can transition smoothly and expedite treatment and services. The completed project provides a fresh and modern look for this thriving veterinary practice, positioned to serve their patients with the best care and compassion now and in the future.