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Keystruct Meets Critical Time Schedule

admin May 15, 2014


Keystruct Project-Pratt framing

Steel framing for new offices of Pratt Displays

Brasler Properties of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania came to Keystruct for a tenant fit-out for one of its facilities located in Reading, Pennsylvania. Their tenant, Pratt Displays, had out-grown its existing space and was planning a move to an adjacent, larger 130,000 square-foot space. This new space would meet Pratt’s need for additional production requirements. However, the space was not suited for Pratt’s need of office and employee space.

“Having worked with Jerry Watson and the Keystruct team previously, we knew they were well suited for this project” stated Mark Bobb, Director of Facilities for Brasler Properties. Working with Mark and receiving input from the tenant, Keystruct put together a plan to add the needed office and employee areas for Pratt Displays within its new location. This plan included the construction of 5,858 square-feet of office space to create private offices, a conference room, an IT room, an open office area, space for Pratt’s design group, and an employee break room. Also included in this turnkey project was providing a new entry with an enhanced exterior façade. Time to complete the project was critical at just eleven weeks.

Keystruct Project-Pratt in progress

Near completion of the interior for the new offices

The project began with excavation for and installation of underground sanitary sewer at the north end of the facility while Keystruct erected steel from the south end working toward the north. By the time Keystruct reached the north end, the sanitary sewer had been backfilled and the concrete floor replaced.

The structure framing used steel columns, beams, bar joists and steel decking. The delivery of the structural steel and deck was the single most important item to maintain the schedule. Structural design was accelerated and Keystruct made the decision to fabricate and erect the steel with our own forces to assure compliance with the schedule.  Keystruct worked carefully to ensure all interior columns were located within the new walls. Having the proper layout was critical. New plumbing fixtures, HVAC, acoustic ceiling system and fire sprinkler system were installed. New interior finishes included installing hollow metal doors and windows, carpet, ceramic floors, break room laminate cabinets and counters, metal studs, insulation, drywall and painting.

Keystruct Project-Pratt-AfterExterior

Completed exterior

For the exterior, the existing entry pad and stairs were demolished and a new entrance pad and stairs constructed. A new aluminum exterior entrance door and façade was added to the entry. We removed a section of the existing vertical siding on the building adjacent to the new entrance. New siding was installed horizontally in a bold contrasting color to enhance the new entrance. A special top-cap was designed along with special window trim to keep the structure weather tight. The project also included installing new windows.

The tenant’s representative was originally very concerned that all work could not be completed within the eleven week time frame. His bosses from corporate were scheduled to tour the new facility in mid- April. Keystruct assured him that all work would be completed as promised. The project was completed on time, within budget. Both Brasler and Pratt were delighted with the finished product.