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Keystruct and Flagger Force: Ten Years Building a Trusted Relationship

Kelly Tetkoskie August 1, 2018

Flagger Force Office and Warehouse in Middletown, PA

Hands-On Training Area at Flagger Force Maryland Operations Center



Entrance Lobby to Flagger Force Headquarters in Hummelstown, PA

Flagger Force Eastern PA, NJ & DE Operations in King of Prussia, PA

Flagger Force is one of the most widely recognized traffic control companies in the Mid-Atlantic, with 11 locations, over 1,600 front-line employees, around the clock dispatch office, over 50,000 SF of warehouse space, and a company fleet of over 900. Keystruct has been providing new construction, comprehensive renovations, and complex expansions to Flagger Force for the past ten years.


In 2008, Flagger Force contracted with Keystruct to construct a new office and warehouse for their Middletown, PA location. The 16,650 SF pre-engineered metal building was built to serve the growing office staff, and provide adequate space for field training. Keystruct successfully overcame extremely poor weather and unsuitable soil conditions, to finish this project on time, gaining the trust and respect of the owner.

Following the completion of the Middletown office and warehouse, Keystruct was asked to provide construction services on a variety of projects for Flagger Force. In 2014, a 22,129 SF, 1970’s-era office building was completely renovated to accommodate the company’s Maryland operations. The updated space includes new administrative offices, boardroom, break room, training facility, and warehouse. The exterior features an asphalt area, striped to simulate traffic conditions for hands-on training of the field staff.

In 2015, Flagger Force was again in need of additional space for their corporate office staff, as well as an updated training room. Keystruct again met the expectations of the owner providing comprehensive renovations to the first floor of their existing building in Hummelstown, PA. Additional office spaces, conference rooms, and the “Flagger Force Academy,” a state-of-the-art training facility, were part of these improvements. The updated space features an energy-efficient HVAC system, motion-sensitive lighting, and functional furniture and details that provide a cohesive modern environment for the Flagger Force staff.

More recently, Keystruct has been providing updates and repairs to multiple Flagger Force locations. In early 2018 the first floor of the Hummelstown corporate headquarters was renovated to reorganize the space for the Flagger Force staff, and provide a dedicated tenant space that is separate from the Flagger Force operation. Additionally, damage caused by leaking windows was repaired, including removal and replacement of peeling drywall, finish and sanding of the repaired areas, and painting to match the existing wall. Further interior improvements entailed updating lighting systems above staff workstations, consisting of relocation and replacement of several fixtures to provide a better lighted environment.

Exterior improvements at the Hummelstown location involved the removal and replacement of peeling sections of caulking, and repairing elements at the building entrance including texturizing the repaired areas to match the existing surfaces. Keystruct also installed concrete stairs at the exterior of the building. This work required excavation for footers, as well as forming and pouring concrete check walls, and steps and sidewalk, and installing galvanized railings. Additionally, Keystruct is currently installing a concrete pad and privacy fencing for a new back-up generator to serve the corporate office facility.

Meanwhile, at the Flagger Force King of Prussia location, Keystruct provided improvements and upgrades to freshen the building and repair some areas that were worn from years of use. The sidewalk area and adjacent CMU wall at the main entrance was repaired, including removal of damaged and loose material, matching the texture of the new and repaired materials to the existing, and painting the vertical wall and retaining wall. New interior doors and associated lite kits were installed throughout the building, requiring the removal of drywall and framing from the existing openings, installation of new framing, replacement of drywall to match the existing walls, and installation of new hollow metal door frames, solid core wood doors, door handles, and door lites.

In addition to the aesthetic improvements, Keystruct repaired the CMU foundation to prevent water intrusion into the building. The work involved exposing the buried CMU at downspout areas by hand-digging, then patching and filling any holes. Finally, water-proofing material was applied to the exposed CMU, before the area was back-filled. The final grading sloped away from the building to provide appropriate drainage, and 6 feet of new downspout further directs the water flow away from the foundation.

Our decade long relationship with Flagger Force and their trust in us to complete multiple projects for them over the past 10 years is an expression of their satisfaction with our staff and our work. The future is definitely bright for this unique, highly-focused organization. Keystruct is proud to be a trusted partner to Flagger Force, and to assist them in their goal of redefining expectations for traffic control management.

Break Room at Flagger Force Middletown, PA

Training Room for the Maryland Operations Center in Glen Burnie, MD

Branded Wall at the Entrance to the Corporate Headquarters in Hummelstown, PA

Updated Reception Area at the Glen Burnie Office