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Franklin County Office Becomes New Standard for All SAM, Inc. Locations

Kelly Tetkoskie May 8, 2019
Entrance to SAM, Inc. in Chambersburg

Service Access & Management, (SAM) Inc. is a leading provider of case management and related services to individuals with mental health and intellectual development disabilities. With regional offices throughout Pennsylvania, SAM was looking for a new home for their Franklin County location. When they discovered a convenient location at Orchard Park Commons in Chambersburg, SAM enlisted the help of Keystruct to turn the completely gutted space into an office that would allow the staff to effectively serve their clients.

Located in a commercial and retail center with the adjacent spaces occupied, the 4,020 SF space was just four walls with a dirt floor when the owner and Keystruct met to discuss SAM’s goals for their new office. During meetings with Keystruct and the design team, the owner’s representative discussed their vision for an open office space, with private meeting areas, a conference room, and a kitchen/breakroom.

Early in the construction, Keystruct discovered that the existing building drawings showed the utilities reversed; the water service, sewer hook-up, and electric tie-in were all in opposite locations from where they appeared on the drawings. In order to match the owner’s needs for the finished space, the utilities had to be relocated underground before the floor slab was poured.

When Keystruct began digging to relocate the utilities they encountered solid rock under the space. Because the project was located inside an existing building, the rock had to be removed carefully so the adjacent tenants were not disturbed, and so the structural integrity of the building was not compromised in any way. Keystruct used a mini-excavator to carefully remove the subsurface rock, while avoiding structural issues and minimizing the noise in the adjacent spaces.

All of the utilities were successfully moved underground to match the project drawings except for the electric service. Keystruct worked with the architect to adjust the location of the electric tie-in and electric box. The installation of the new electrical system was then based on that location. Keystruct created a new electric room to accommodate this change and included the water meter in that area as well.

The interior finish work was streamlined by contracting with a single subcontractor. Selecting the right company for these tasks was very important because they needed diverse skills to handle a variety of interior installations. The flooring in the kitchen/breakroom is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), which mimics wood plank flooring and requires precise installation to ensure the proper aesthetic is achieved. By contracting with a company that has vast knowledge of every aspect of interior finishes, Keystruct was able to provide an expedited service without compromising quality.

Because of the nature of the owner’s business, there were special requirements for security features to control access from the reception/waiting area to the interior staff spaces. During a walk-through with the owner, the Keystruct Superintendent questioned the need for secure doors without a glass enclosure to secure the reception desk. It was pointed out that the drawings detailed an opening over the reception desk that could be breached by someone simply leaping over the desk into the main staff areas. This observation resulted in the addition of a complete wall with a sliding glass window to provide extra security and limit public access to the staff areas.

When the owner completed the punch list for the job, they noted three ceiling tiles that were damaged. Keystruct planned to return to the space and replace the damaged tiles on a weekend so the owner’s business operations were not impacted. When Keystruct personnel returned to replace the tiles, many more than the three initial tiles appeared damaged. It was determined that data installers, hired directly by the owner, had damaged the extra tiles. Keystruct replaced all of the damaged tiles to ensure that the owner was completely satisfied with their finished space.

The new SAM regional office features a comfortable waiting area, with adjacent restroom, and secure reception area. Interior spaces include two private meeting areas, a conference room, a kitchen/breakroom, staff restroom, and a large open concept office. The space features clean, modern finishes and functional areas for both private meetings and collaborative work.

SAM’s Franklin County office far exceeded the owner’s expectations. The final layout, finishes, and details will now be the standard model for all SAM regional offices. The owner was so impressed with the finished project that they plan to work with Keystruct for the complete renovation of their Lewistown location. The valued relationship built with SAM during this project and the future opportunities to work with this owner for many years are the true measures of this project’s success.